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Sometimes I hear birds in your head - Loker Klein

Discovering birds appeared in the music of the XXI century. Bird inspired by “Where do my bluebird fly“ (2008), by The tallest man on earth.
At first glance, the most characteristic thing about the loker klein is what makes their plumage unrecognizable. As contradictory as it may seem. Feathers, in perfect RGB 0-47-167 at birth, provide dramatic if ground visibility but makes barely noticeable when they take flight.
Loker Klein
It is supposed to have developed this mimetic ability with the sky (males even vary the hue of the feathers depending on the time of day) carried by their own survival instinct. However, there is no data to give evidence about the reason for the flight, as they are rarely attacked by other animals. The species is known to be capable of remaining airborne for very long uninterrupted spells. There are cases of individuals that haven´t touched any surface for more than five years. So far, it is not clear what the peculiar reason for this attitude is. Some studies show that it is unable to accept the abandonment of its mate and when this happens, they desperately rush to search for it but have lost any visual or temporary reference.