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Sometimes I hear birds in your head - Lovered bear

Discovering birds appeared in the music of the XXI century. Bird inspired by “I’ll be yr bird“ (2005), by M Ward.
It is not easy to draw conclusions about the behavior of this species. United in their particular preference for smooth and quiet movements, the most recent studies place it as the most premature animal to be in love.
Lovered bear
They rarely take flight alone, but in small groups or with a mate. Within a few months, it is possible to observe relationships between two, three or four birds. They are characterized by a sense of protection and for extreme and constant attention to detail to the other or others: procuring food, preparing collective nests, cleaning the wings and defending themselves against other animals when threatened. It is common to see lovered bears rub each other (as if kissing) from an early age, with just two months to live, but their sexual awakening does not occur until after three years. With regards to food, this species are very selective in terms of diet and survive only by eating small barley seeds on a daily basis.