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Sometimes I hear birds in your head - Nogoodforme

Discovering birds appeared in the music of the XXI century. Bird inspired by “Two birds“ (2009), by Regina Spektor.
Herbivorous species of blue and white plumage. Features include a highly social capacity from the first weeks of life. It always lives in pairs and although it rarely undertakes great journeys, it is able to travel distances of over a thousand miles in just three days.
This immigration virtue does not seem to respond to any need, since in most cases they are birds that prefer to live on a wire most of their lives. It is also known as bird of mistaken love, as it usually seems to be in conflict with its mate. As can be seen there is always one member which assumes the role of observer and the other is in charge of the action. One is sedentary and the other seems to encourage nomadic behavior that is never repaid.