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Sometimes I hear birds in your head - Panic all

Discovering birds appeared in the music of the XXI century. Bird inspired by “Bird Guhl“ (2005), by Antony and the Johnsons.
This is one of the most mysterious known bird species. It is usually born in solitude. The mother builds small nests before laying a single egg and covers it with vine leaves and it provides enough grapes in order not to have to care for it for approximately five weeks of incubation and the subsequent months.
Panic all
Once the shell breaks, the little bird still has to spend about a year before it decides to leave the nest. Although it is physically able to move much earlier, it is believed that the fear of change paralyzes its own desires. However, in the end it always takes flight. It is also then when the body of panic undergoes a significant physical change. The plumage drift towards warm colors, discovering their ability to emit harmonic sounds and wings rise in exuberance, which allows it to reach spectacular heights and performing acrobatics in free fall.