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Sometimes I hear birds in your head - Peter Sparrow

Discovering birds appeared in the music of the XXI century. Bird inspired by "Sparrows over Birmingham" (2003) by Josh Rouse.
Small body size and brown plumage. Only known species whose body does not degenerate, a characteristic that has led it to be known as the bird of eternal youth. From the age of two, it stops growing and probably due to its low fertility, enters sexual excitement and never leaves.
Gorrión Peter
When alone, it likes to hang from the branches on one foot, as if playing. It seems to move on impulses. Although capable of eating a variety of foods and adapting easily to the environment (its diet includes worms and fruit in equal major), its favourite food are the vanilla pods and, when within reach, it can end up behaving obsessively. It is the same obsession with traveling continuously and running away, no matter what the destination, with the sole intention of not accumulating any more than three days in the same routine.